What is HOMiDEK Whiteboard

HOMiDEK Whiteboard is an easy to install dry erase whiteboard film – offered with either a magnetized backing for metal surfaces or an adhesive backing for other surfaces. HOMiDEK allows you to create a whiteboard from any smooth surface in no time. You can write on it with any dry whiteboard marker, wipe clean and write on again.

Why should HOMiDEK Whiteboard

Compare with ordinary whiteboard HOMiDEK Whiteboard not just has the same level of quality, we have absolute advantage to bring your chirldren great imagination, to improve your company work efficient. So we created different types of whiteboard for your home/office surface.

What material is HOMiDEK Whiteboard made of

Our whiteboards made of premium dry erase PET film to make sure smooth writing and erase ,no stain on the surface.

What is Adhesive-Board

Adhesive board (glue board) is a board that transform any wall, glass and metallic surface in to a perfect whiteboard due to the extremely sticky adhesive functioning glue on the back. Adhesive whiteboard are commonly used by kids and adults for painting or drawing or also perfect for calculation in schools, schedule in offices and advertisement on street.

What is Magnetic-Board

Magnetic Whiteboard can be applied to fridge or any metal surface in your home, office, school or factory. Magnetic Whiteboard can make more fun for your kids and family to paint or write notes etc. Ideal complete set for home, office, or classroom.

What is Static-Board

Static whiteboard is simply a whiteboard that doesn’t contain glued,but attach to surfaces with electrical charge. They stick to any surfaces such as metal,wall,glass etc. They can be move freely and do not stain the surface. They are also use in homes for rehearsal, office for technical drawing.

What is Projection-Board

It is a whiteboard with a uniform color which provides a crisp surface you can use in conjunction with a digital  projector so that your audience sees the images transmitted by your device such as laptop. It allows you to draw at the same time using markers, making this a useful tool for business meetings and brainstorming.

How do i keep my whiteboard squeaky clean

We include a eraser with every whiteboard. You won’t need any whiteboard cleaner or chemicals to clean your board, ever. If you leave markings on the board for over 2 weeks, a mist of water will help it return to 100%.
If for some reason something is not erasing, it is likely that there could be some goop or glue or something weird stuck to whiteboard. Rubbing alcohol should take that right off. And if colors aren’t cleaning properly, rubbing alcohol will handle that too!

What types of markers can I use on my board

You can pick almost any of your favorite dry erase markers!

Can I cut/trim my whiteboard with scissors

Yes! You can cut your whiteboard to any size or shape you’d like to work on. Cutting with Scissors is fine. We'd recommend a utility knife and a straightedge to make sure it's a straight cut!