Due to their dependability and versatility, whiteboards have become a ubiquitous tool in classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, and other work spaces. While perfect for collaborative working sessions, whiteboards can also serve a variety of purposes at home. Here are five innovative uses for whiteboards at home:


Having a whiteboard on your fridge is a quick and easy way to track food you need to stock up on during your next grocery run. You can even list down your meal plans for the week and set reminders for expiration dates of short-life products.


Entertain your family or friends with a lively game of Pictionary, a charades-inspired word-guessing game that is bound to get everyone excited. It’s both a fun and engaging game that even kids can play. All you need is a Pictionary game set, dry erase markers and, of course, a dry erase board to draw specific words. Whiteboards can also help keep your kids busy and productive during their free time. 


Chore charts serve as fantastic visual reminders of what needs to get done around your home. They help engender a sense of responsibility and ownership in children, which can lead to increased self-esteem and feelings of pride for contributing to the family. Whether you want to keep track of daily, weekly, or monthly chores, a whiteboard is the perfect tool for scheduling and assigning chores.


A vision board is a visual representation of your collated goals, desires, and aspirations - a representation of what your ideal future looks like using pictures and words. Vision boards lend clarity to what you want to accomplish in life and help sustain motivation and sharpen focus on where action needs to be taken to reach these goals. Having a whiteboard in your work from home office can also help you in creating a task list. 


Both kids and adults can benefit from having a surface to doodle on. Doodling is said to improve memory retention, focus, creativity, and alleviate stress. A whiteboard makes a great reusable surface for doodles and scribbles.

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